Family Dental Care
El Paso, TX

If you are looking for a family dentist in El Paso look no further than Sun City Dental. We offer personalized treatment focused on comfort.

Family Dental Care El Paso, TX

Family Dentist in El Paso

The advanced dental care available at our El Paso dental office can address nearly any issue affecting your smile. For your convenience, our family dentist can combine multiple procedures into a single appointment, saving you time and money.

Why Choose Sun City Dental?

Comprehensive Dentistry
Dental care is a crucial part of maintaining one’s health and well-being. Regular visits  to the dentist can maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Personalized Dental Care
We care about your comfort. Our personalized service is what truly sets our compassionate team of dental professional apart. We strive to provide the care our patients need so that they can achieve great oral health.

State-of-the-Art Technology
Our modern dentistry practice features the latest innovative technology to help our dentist provide incredibly accurate and virtually painless procedures. This includes the use of the exclusive Solea Laser.

Solea Laser

Solea Dental Laser

Our dentist, Dr. Iven Gonzalez, is the only El Paso dentist who uses the revolutionary Solea Laser to provide patients with fast, precise, and pain-free dental procedures. Especially useful for patients who experience dental anxiety, the Solea Laser allows our dentist to treat cavities with no drills and no needles.

This versatile device is not just for teeth, it can also be used on soft tissue to help alleviate the symptoms of snoring!

Contact Sun City Dental in El Paso, TX to experience the next step in dental technology with the Solea Laser.

Our El Paso Dentist

Dr. Iven Gonzalez

Dr. Iven Gonzalez, DDS

Dr. Iven Gonzalez is an El Paso native who believes that good oral health is achieved through a comprehensive approach to dental care. In order to provide patients with the best possible results, our family-friendly office uses the latest technology to offer a complete range of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative care. Regardless of your family’s dental needs, Dr. Gonzalez will develop a personalized treatment plan to ensure you can all enjoy the benefits of healthy smiles.


Affordable Dental Care

care credit

At Sun City Dental in El Paso, TX, we accept most dental insurance plans. We will work with your provider and fill out all the necessary paperwork so that you can make the most of your benefits.

Patients without insurance, or who may be interested in a cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance, can take advantage of the flexible financing options we offer through CareCredit®. This allows you to manage out-of-pocket expenses with a convenient monthly payment plan. 

Advanced Dental Care

To provide you and your family with world-class dental care, we use the latest proven technology.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Irma estrada
Irma estrada
My visit today was great. Friendly caring staff. Everyone says hello and you’re made to feel welcome. The hygienist and Dr. Gonzalez did a great job on my teeth.🦷
Diane z
Diane z
Another great procedure done by Dr Gonzalez and his staff. They are just so compassionate and I have no fear of going to the dentist 😊 their follow up calls the next day after visits mean a lot that shows care for the patients. Thank you Again Dr Gonzalez. Highly recommended. For all your dental work.
Linda Hemme
Linda Hemme
Great Dentist and Great Staff, everyone is friendly and helpful, definitely recommend
Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez
Staff was very courteous, assisted has years of experience and is very efficient and caring. Dr.Gonzalez bedside manner make going to the dentist a very pleasant experience! I recommend anyone afraid of going to the dentist visit Sun City Dental!
Maria M. Torres
Maria M. Torres
Everyone are very nice and DrGonzalez very caring Dentist

About El Paso, Texas

El Paso, TX is the 23rd largest city in the United States and is situated on the Rio Grande. The population in 2020 was 679,879 people. The city’s long-standing ties to Mexico have made it a major border town, and it has been an important military outpost for centuries. El Paso, TX is known as “The Sun City” because of its warm desert climate. El Paso has some of the best weather in Texas and its average high temperature during summer months can be as high as 100°F. El Paso was originally named Ciudad de El Paso del Norte (present-day Ciudad Juárez) but later changed to simply El Paso. El Paso is located at the intersection of three states (Chihuahua, New Mexico, and Texas) and two countries (Mexico and the U.S.).

Sun City Dental is proud to be located in the city known as “The Sun City” and we hope you will choose us for all your dental needs.

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