Fluoride Treatment

Preventative Care

Fluoride TreatmentFluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water, plants, and animals. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the teeth more resistant to acid attacks. Fluoride is also used to make drinking water safe by reducing the risk of tooth decay, which can be caused by bacterial growth in drinking water.

The fluoridation process starts with the treatment of raw water to remove any suspended particles or impurities. The fluoride is then added to the water for a prescribed time period and at a prescribed concentration before being delivered to homes through public pipes.

The use of fluoride treatments for teeth was first introduced in 1945, where it was first added to drinking water in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They had noticed that children living in areas with high natural fluoride levels had fewer dental cavities than those living in low-fluoride areas, and they hypothesized that this might have something to do with the way fluoride interacts with teeth enamel on a molecular level. This led them to develop a product called “Crest Cavity Fighting Toothpaste” in 1956.

Applying Fluoride to Teeth

Fluoride is a compound that is created from the combination of two other elements, fluorine and oxygen. It has been used for over 70 years as an effective way to reduce tooth decay. Fluoride works by converting into different forms of fluoride ions that are released into the mouth where they attach to the tooth’s surface and strengthen them against decay-causing bacteria.

You can get fluoride from your drinking water, toothpaste with fluoride, with mouth rinses, or at your dental office.

The process of applying fluoride to the teeth is simple. The dentist will first clean the teeth and then apply a small amount of fluoride to each tooth surface. When applied to the teeth at regular intervals, fluoride can reduce the risk of tooth decay by up to 60%.

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