Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Mouth Guards and Night GuardsMouth guards are a type of dental appliance that protects your teeth, lips, and mouth from injury during sports and other activities. They’re most often used by athletes who play contact sports, but they can also be helpful for anyone who has an active lifestyle.

Mouth guards come in two main types: night guards and mouth guards. Night guards are made to protect the teeth during sleep, while mouth guards are designed to protect your teeth from trauma during use. There are many reasons you may need a mouth guard:

  • You have braces or other dental work that could be damaged by trauma.

  • You grind your teeth (bruxism) at night or during stressful times.

  • You play contact sports like football or basketball.

  • You have an active lifestyle that involves contact with hard surfaces or other people.

Use the Right Equipment

Mouth guards are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can use during sports. The ones made for sports are much harder and thicker than night guards. They’re also often shaped differently to fit around your teeth better. They are used by many athletes to protect their teeth during sports. Mouth guards are mandatory in some sports, but they’re also a good idea if you play any sport where there’s a chance of being hit in the mouth or face. Mouth guards can protect against dental injuries from contact sports like football, hockey, and lacrosse. They can also protect against accidental injuries such as falling down or getting hit by flying objects such as balls or pucks.

What Type of Mouth Guard Is Best?

Stock Mouth Guards: These are pre-formed and can be purchased in most sports stores. This type comes in a limited range of sizes and varies widely in quality. They’re inexpensive and easy to find, but they don’t provide the best fit or protection. If you wear it in your mouth, that can cause problems like difficulty speaking and breathing.

Boil-and-bite Mouth Guards: These are also pre-formed, but they can be heated in hot water and then shaped to fit your mouth. They offer better protection than stock guards, but they’re still not as comfortable or effective as custom-fitted guards.

Custom-fitted Mouth Guards: These are molded by a dentist or dental technician to fit your exact teeth by using an impression of your teeth using putty or soft plastic material that hardens when set in place on your teeth. They provide the best protection and comfort, but they cost more than other options.

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