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Knowledge of dental emergencies can aid in a tooth’s longevity or risk them being lost. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out what to do in these instances. If you have a dental emergency, staying calm and acting quickly is essential. Your emergency dentist also brings unique expertise that could be vital to your situation.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Emergency dental treatments are those that are performed when a patient needs immediate care and is not able to wait until they can make an appointment. These patients could be in pain, or they may be experiencing damage that requires immediate attention. A dental emergency typically occurs from dental infection, injury to the tooth, or trauma.

That said, it’s still important for you to understand what constitutes an emergency. Most importantly, if there is any bleeding or swelling around your teeth and gums, these are signs that you need emergency treatment, even if you don’t feel any pain. In fact, one should never delay dental care because of discomfort. The longer a problem persists untreated, the more likely it will become serious and require further treatment.

How Should I Handle a Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dental TreatmentIt’s always a good idea to know what to do in case of an emergency. And if that emergency happens to be a dental one, you’ll want to be prepared with what to do when it happens.

Most minor dental issues can be treated at home, but if your tooth is chipped or cracked and there’s blood coming out of it, call your dentist right away. The longer you wait after an injury like this happens, the more likely that bacteria will enter the wound and cause infection, which will lead to bigger problems down the line (like infection in other parts of your body). So don’t delay! If your tooth is broken or knocked out, don’t try to put it back in place yourself! Call 911 right away so that they can help stabilize the situation and prevent further damage while they wait for EMS to arrive.

Know your dentist’s office hours. If your emergency dentist is open when you have an emergency, call them right away and let them know what happened and where you are so they can send someone out to help. Otherwise, go see an urgent care center or hospital emergency room as soon as you can so they can assess the situation and treat it appropriately.

If you need immediate services, don’t worry, we have an emergency dentist on call to service you right away. New patients are welcome to schedule same-day relief appointments during regular office hours. Call Sun City Dental El Paso for emergency care.